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flumpool - Over the Rain~ひかりの橋~ [Lyrics: kanji, romaji]

flumpool! My newest addiction, it is quite surprising how they became one of my all-time favourite bands in such a short time with their 5 currently released song! I even decided to pre-order their debut (mini-)album, 「unreal」 - it's being released on the 19th! I put up a post at the flumpool LJ community to several links to good online buying sites. If you're looking for some new music, I totally urge you gusy to go check out their songs. I know that music_mind has their songs up for download; I recommend Hana ni Nare and labo but all their songs (so far) are good, really. :) These lyrics were painstakingly typed out by me so please don't copy it and say it's your own, if anyone wants to get some flumpool mp3s, just send me a message or leave a comment! :D

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