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A present I made for myself to celebrate getting accepted into my 1st choice :) Hope you guys will like it too~

// EDIT //
Because of what
someone said I'm also putting up versions without GD (quote: "I DONT LIKE HIM ENOUGH to want to see him everyday on my cpu")

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// EDIT 2 //
Omg, I think these wallpapers made my website's bandwidth limit exceed so I've temporarily uploaded them to imageshack now :)


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- do NOT claim as your own / crop into icons and claim it's your work

- Flower prints: zeldona @ mellow mint


After disappearing off LJ for about four months, I'm back with a new craze! Yep, I've moved away from Japan and has gone up north.. to Korea!! So how did it happen? It all began with someone sending me a link to this youtube video. Whilst I was literally ROFL-ing from the cracksubs, I thought: hey, this is one pretty nice song! So off I went onto a Big Bang googling spree and now I'm back to show off a few of my awesome trophies~~

Here is baby ji yong:

He's the one getting kissed, by another boy, his pheromones must've been exuding out since he was young! I mean, how can anyone get cuter? I swear he looks the same as now, glad to know no plastic surgery was involved ;)

And here's two shots of the awesome ji yong, all grown up:


BTW, yesterday night I was so bored I decided to put together a collage wallpaper of Big Bang! It was mainly cause I couldn't find a satisfactory desktop to use and since I just finished my super duper image downloading frenzy I had a whole ton of photos I could use. I think it's quite obvious from the photos I picked who my favourite member is (not as if it wasn't obvious enough from those pics above). Now every time I turn on my computer/go to desktop I'm blinded by an overdose of GD and the rest of Big Bang. Just to show it off, I've uploaded a re-sized print screen of it ;D

(click to enlarge)

Ahhh, I swear I'm going to make a lot of Big Bang icons once I find the time.
Now I really just can't WAIT to go to korea (and taiwan!), but that's only if I survive through hell period (namely, the final IB exams). But then again, ONLY THREE MONTHS TILL IT'S PARTY TIME!! :D