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before i run out of the house, a short post to celebrate the best, most idiotic, arashi member of all time, (my bias :D)

otanjoubi omedetouuuuuu

hehe, he's grown so much from when I first got to know him (it's already been 9 years!) :P he's become so mature (?) and good at acting. plus his eye wrinkles (or 魚尾紋) are so cute!

ps: i will be going on an indefinite hiatus.. i will dearly miss LJ and i'll be back for sure~ but i'm just don't know when :D
jun &amp; ohno


I'm back on LJ after surviving one year of university!!! :D
I think i barely passed most of my finals but I couldn't care less now! and I've got to say, I've missed out on so many Arashi news!! My sister showed me their newest PV (Monster) just last night and omg - it's so awesome!!! The song didnt really jump out to me when I heard it (lol i first heard it in a store in okinawa thinking, omgzz it's arashi XD) but with the PV it's just awesome. I love aiba's frillies!!! The making of is really cute too! :D Other than Monster, Troublemaker, Everything and Believe was awesome too!! I really can't get enough of them. >A<;;;

Besides their music, I just found out they had a drama movie in January called Saigou no Yakusoku? The synopsis and poster makes it seem so epic!! I can't wait to watch it :3 I just couldnt help but laugh seeing Ohno in Kaibutsu-kun. It seems like a cute drama but I'm not sure I'm going to watch it yet XD. First on my list is My Girl!! (Of course! XD) Can't wait to watch Arashi ni Shiyagare too!
Anyways I'm off to youtube a bit, hope you guys liked my quick scribble of Aiba in his awesome pants from the Monster PV! He's so cute! Don't steal! :)

Dream "A" Live

Yessss~~~ I've finally gotten my copy. (: They phoned today saying it was here so yeah. Yay. Anyways, I'm listening to it right now.. and I dont know what to say.. the song Move Your Body wasn't so great but I'm on track #7 right now and everything other than that has been pretty good <3 Of course, Happiness just rocks my socks off so yeah. >w<;; 

Anyways, I don't think I'm bothered enough to scan in the 36P booklet right now but if no one has by the weekends then I will (:

[X-POSTED] ARASHI: Kotoba no Chikara Photo Set List scans!!

I'm sorry that this has been x-posted! I haven't done anything on livejournal recently and since I was relatively jobless yesterday I decided to scan in the Arashi Summer Concert photo set list! There are nine files in total.. I hope no one's posted this before me!! D:

EDIT// okay darn, I was one step slower than someone else. D: I should've uploaded this yesterday, anyways, if you see someone else also with scans of the set list - I scanned my own - and I'm sure the other person scanned their own too!


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WP002 // MR. CLOWN

Second wallpaper! >w<;;;

I kinda made this for my own use so it was quite roughly done. I forgot where I got the original image so if this is yours tell me! And if anyone wants the original image just ask~

Yet again, comments are loved - constructive ones or not so constructive ones showing your love for nino is fine (: Just let me know if you're taking.

I'm now off to revise some more.. ;__;

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Okay, I finally found some time to update (:
Here comes my first mini icon dump!!

Please comment if you're taking any and give credit when you use them.

Arashi [5]
Sid [3]
Gazette [3]
Miyavi [1]
Hiroto (Alicenine) [1]
Anime [6]


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