before i run out of the house, a short post to celebrate the best, most idiotic, arashi member of all time, (my bias :D)

otanjoubi omedetouuuuuu

hehe, he's grown so much from when I first got to know him (it's already been 9 years!) :P he's become so mature (?) and good at acting. plus his eye wrinkles (or 魚尾紋) are so cute!

ps: i will be going on an indefinite hiatus.. i will dearly miss LJ and i'll be back for sure~ but i'm just don't know when :D

B2UTY FOR LIFE! :) :) :)

Omgs. I dont know why it had to be during reading week when I discovered TEH awesomeness of Beast ♥♥♥...  making me ignore all the work i had to do TT^TT but it was well worth it! DOOSEOB♥!!! My one and only OTP!!! I can't believe how many epic OTP moments they have just from their debut last year, they are just so.. ♥! I wish I could moan more about how wonderful and awesome they are but I need to get back to my international accounting revision for my midterm tmr.. ;___; *vomits thinking about hedge accounts and derivatives* but first I must post this 귀여운 photo of junhyung in a cowsuit yoseob posted up ages ago. oh how it ruins jh's image :D 
Ahh, yea even though it wasn't that long ago when I changed my profile layout but I've become such a beast fan that I feel obliged to change it to feature beast... (sorry cnblue!) >< I shall do it this coming weekend... if work allows me ;__; ahh, I want to make wallpapers and icons too.. :< *sob*


HEHE. told you I'd get a new layout up soon! XD
here's a screencap in loving memory of the old layout. i do miss it quite a bit but nothing can reign over the yonghwa x hamburger photoshoot for me atm!

it's not perfect but I really can't be bothered to do more to it but since i'm in the mood of coding and photoshop-ing i'm now going to head off to make a new profile layout~~

did i mention i sort of got an ok from the tutoring job i was going after.. last step is to meet the mum/potential employee! i'm really nervous since it's my first time doing anything related to tutoring... i never had any tutors back in middle school so i'm not sure how it works but hopefully i'll charm her enough with my fantastic*cough* french skills. :D

oh! and i recommend CNBLUE's BLUELOVE and BLUETORY to anyone who has not yet listened to them yet. i can play LOVE on end without getting bored at all.
jun &amp; ohno


I'm back on LJ after surviving one year of university!!! :D
I think i barely passed most of my finals but I couldn't care less now! and I've got to say, I've missed out on so many Arashi news!! My sister showed me their newest PV (Monster) just last night and omg - it's so awesome!!! The song didnt really jump out to me when I heard it (lol i first heard it in a store in okinawa thinking, omgzz it's arashi XD) but with the PV it's just awesome. I love aiba's frillies!!! The making of is really cute too! :D Other than Monster, Troublemaker, Everything and Believe was awesome too!! I really can't get enough of them. >A<;;;

Besides their music, I just found out they had a drama movie in January called Saigou no Yakusoku? The synopsis and poster makes it seem so epic!! I can't wait to watch it :3 I just couldnt help but laugh seeing Ohno in Kaibutsu-kun. It seems like a cute drama but I'm not sure I'm going to watch it yet XD. First on my list is My Girl!! (Of course! XD) Can't wait to watch Arashi ni Shiyagare too!
Anyways I'm off to youtube a bit, hope you guys liked my quick scribble of Aiba in his awesome pants from the Monster PV! He's so cute! Don't steal! :)


Omg!!! This pic I found randomly is just rofl! Very cute and fitting! Papa Kangin and Mama Leeteuk along with their kids. The smaller ones are Siwon, Kibum and Ryeowook I think.. and Sungmin actually looks convincing as a kid (see bottom right corner).

Who is the one in glasses on the far left, Kyuhyun? (He's the only one left.. but it sure doesn't look like him!)


(WP) Inoo Kei - No download links

Hmm, I actually had big plans for scans from this photoshoot but no matter how much I played around with the images I couldn't make anything nice. Maybe I'm experiencing a creativity block. I'll stick with the simple design I have now but I might come back and remake it..

Anyways, I'm not even going to upload it for download since it's not that great - unless requested of course


GRR! Bandwidth problem?!

Edit: Aug 2nd //  It lives again!!! :D :D :D Happy. Might just make a new layout for that abandoned-ish site in celebration XD

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This is so frustrating! GRRR.
Hopefully will be fixed before all the orientation stuff for uni begins. I don't think I'll be reuploading images to another server unless specifically requested :D

BTW, I'll definitely try to make more graphics before things get busy - watching EHB just made me love suju just all that much more!! Hyukjae is simply the sweetest thing on earth ><;; His reaction on the "break-up" of suju (ref. EP8 of EHB) was so genuine and thoughtful!

(WP) Leeteuk - Super Teukie

Just because he's one of my favourite suju members! :D If anyone requests, I will also put up another version without the words.

So here, to all the suju / leeteuk fans, super teukie!! <3


- leave a comment! :D
- do NOT claim as your own / crop into icons and claim it's your work

- Scan from boys_paper