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Mio sole tu sei qui con me, Con me, con me, con me.

Owwah, it's been so long since I last posted and I've got SOOO much to talk about!!

First of all, IB IS FINALLY OVER! I'm sure many fellow IB students all around the world are also rejoicing along with me XD The last few days of school before exam leave were really crazy (although I still didnt manage to cry on the last day). Vandalising school was awesome fun, I mean, it's the time we've all been anticipating since we've entered school and during those last few days I felt an overwhelming sadness about leaving highschool but somehow I've managed to totally forget about it now and I have no regrets in leaving :O Anyways, I can finally say goodbye to my pal for the past two years that's kept me awake through long nights and holidays and has given me many unforgettable experiences :D I somehow managed to do zero revision during the whole month of revision period we were given. I shouldn't blame it on anyone but I really do think my mum not being here made a big difference.. my grandma even bothered to phone me up everyday around noon to make sure I was eating lunch (and that I was actually at home). All in all, I'm really happy that's it's finally over - despite my futile attempts at revising.. especially for the later exams (i.e. Economics and Psychology) but hey, at least it's over now. No more maths exams for the rest of my life!! Yay~~~ XD

Another thing to rejoice over is the arrival of the looovely Big Bang calendar that I ordered off Yesasia. I actually got it a while back but I never had the chance to flaunt it off here. It's now taken a spot on the shelf next to my bed~~ I see BB every morning when I wake up, it's really refreshing XD It also gives off this really nice smell (kind of like how play-doh smells of) and I especially love how they have two photos for each month so you can choose the one you like more <3 I've taken a few photos of the calendar using my phone camera so it's quite crappy quality (see below). It's got a looot of lovely BB photos so if you're a fan, this is a must-have!! <3
(more pics here: 1, 2, 3)

A piece of news that I found out and gave me a big (but happy) shock was the news of miyavi having gotten married!! Shock shock shock. I don't know how other miyavi fans took this but my first reaction was OMG, he's normal! XD But really, I'm extremely happy for him. Melody seems like a really nice person through her blog (and she's so pretty too - their baby is going to be soooooo gorgeous with such awesome genes). Because of my exams I hadn't been updated with everything but my sister told me to go check miyavi's new look (you can see here or here) and OMG, where did all his piercings goooo? I love him all the same and he looks just as pretty as before but WOW! The change after getting married! XD He's also got his own company now (J-glam).. so proud of him! <3333 I really hope they last and I truly think they will, they seem to have a really sweet relationship (also through reading melody.'s blog). I feel really happy for miyavi :D Just to show the love that I've felt after investigating a little about their relationship, here's an answer miyavi gave to a question regarding his decision in getting married after having replied "I really couldn’t even see the point of getting married before. I never thought I would feel like getting married." :
Around what time did that feeling change?

I guess it was around the time just before the world tour. In the process of getting to know (her) and becoming attracted, you know, we talked about each other's philosophy of life, how we face our fans and of course, also about children and having a family. In such moments, when she said, “When you are having dinner at home, you’re mine. But when you’re doing your music or being on stage, you are the world's, and your fan's”, I thought, “This is the woman for me”.

OH! And before I forgot to mention that I AM NOW A PROUD OWNER OF AN A4 SIZED CARD WITH A MESSAGE HAND-WRITTEN BY MIYAVI!! I somehow managed to win it from an online "contest" and it's basically an answer of miyavi's, written with (I'm guessing) a brush/brush-pen and ink in response to the question "How did you spend the first day you've had completely off after you've returned to Japan (from his tour then)?" and in response: "A walk 5 AM in the morning" and then I think it's that he went home and slept/rested for two days. Don't trust my Japanese though. Anyways, I've put up some photos of it. His handwriting is really cute!! (and pretty, and it fits his image) The paper has this strong whiff of cigarette smells so I can totally imagine where it's been (i.e. a room filled with smokers, possibly including miyavi himself). Anyways, I'm just so happy to have something that miyavi's written (meaning he's TOUCHED it). OMG!! Okay, I'm retreating into fangirl mode, not good >w<;;

I know by now, everyone's probably thinking that this is a freaking long diary entry but I've just got so much to say. Now that exams are over, I feel so aimless everyday, well apart from watching drama and trying to make a new design for my website. Anyone got any recommendations of things to watch, read or do? Now that I've mentioned it, I really should finish watching the rest of Maou..

BTW, I'm on episode 22 of Boys Before Flowers, 꽃보다남자, (Korean ver. of Hana yori Dango) AND OMG do I love it. XD I wasn't sure if I'd find it boring at the start since I could predict what would happen (after having read the HYD manga and watched HYD1, HYD2 and HYD movie) but it was awesome all the same - maybe except for the really epic bits where you have the epic music and the flashbacks which seems to happen a tiny bit too much throughout the series. Regardless, I just can't get bored with the storyline!! Kamio Yoko is a genius <3 Plus, I have to say the Korean F4 is the most handsome when you compare the three F4s (Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese). Kim Hyun Joong (Ji hoo) and Kim Bum (Yi Jung) FTW! Lee Min Ho is really good as the Doumyouji/Jun Pyo character as well - he really really looks like Jerry Yan who played the role of Taiwanese Doumyouji!! My friend reckons he looks like Andy Lau as well. XD Luls.

Okay, I'll stop it with the typing and maybe I'll write a bit more on my views on Boys Before Flowers later on after I've finished watching the series~~ :) Can't wait to get to the end! Apparently it's really sweet!

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