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Have a very bad feeling about the exam today, possibility of failing is very high. I need to get over 44%!! OMGS.. *cry* even the energy booster yesterday wasn't enough to make me work ;___; Gah, 8 hours to go.

BTW, kudos to beast~~~ so addicted to the songs 'The Fact' and 'Fiction'. Couldn't really go through their album properly yesterday but will do so right after my exam! :D It sounds good from what I've heard so far!! Hyunseung improved tonssssss (from what I could see from Fiction's PV). AllKpop rated it 4.8/5!! Anticipate, anticipate :)

Yes, I'm still a b2uty! Teehee.

And I just love their photoshoot, wtf is yoseob wearing? XD
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