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Pokemon x Fangirl = ...

Just watched the "Agent of Secret Stuff" short movie by Higa x WongFu.. sooooooooooo effing hilarious! :D :D lols the end was really D'AWWHH-worthy too and thumbs up to Arden Cho :D awesome acting. hahaha so hilarious XD.. 
So yea, anyways, I managed to pack up 90% of my stuff last night --I have to clear out my room for easter and I'm leaving early next week to Barcelona. My room feels so empty now.

I also finally managed to beat the gym at Hearthome City against Fantina and her ghost type pokemons D: I realised I could've won w/o training my weaker (but has dark/ghost moves) pokemons just yesterday. Lawl. I'm so lame :( But I'm glad I can move forward in the game now
Did I ever mention I've been naming some of the Pokemon I caught after idols just for fun (and cause a friend suggested it)? It amuses me everytime it says "What will Aiba do"?, or "Mir is fast asleep" hehe.. <3! :D
Mir Yoseob Aiba Nino Doojoon Sho

I still feel bad that Doojoon is a Bibarel... (so f-ugly, haha) but I have to blame Bidoof for having the "doo" in its name! :(
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