Have a very bad feeling about the exam today, possibility of failing is very high. I need to get over 44%!! OMGS.. *cry* even the energy booster yesterday wasn't enough to make me work ;___; Gah, 8 hours to go.

BTW, kudos to beast~~~ so addicted to the songs 'The Fact' and 'Fiction'. Couldn't really go through their album properly yesterday but will do so right after my exam! :D It sounds good from what I've heard so far!! Hyunseung improved tonssssss (from what I could see from Fiction's PV). AllKpop rated it 4.8/5!! Anticipate, anticipate :)

Yes, I'm still a b2uty! Teehee.

And I just love their photoshoot, wtf is yoseob wearing? XD
aiba nino & ohno

THE Royal Wedding

Waheyy, so since I happened to be in London on the day of the wedding, I decided to go squish with the crowds. The day was quite a fail, unfortunately. We came out of Green Park station but decided we didn't want to watch it on the big screen so we left and headed for The Mall, however, it became evident that all roads leading to The Mall were already blocked off so we decided to go for Trafalgar Square... By the time we were close to Trafalgar Square, the police had already blocked it off and we were told that the closest viewing point was now Hyde Park (FML). So, we set off towards back to Green Park, since it was on the way anyways, to push our luck to see if we could still get in. Of course, we couldn't so we ended up watching the ceremony and the procession on the Hyde Park screens. I have to admit, the experience wasn't what I expected, perhaps cause most of the people around me were also rejects from the other viewing areas, the atmosphere wasn't all so high and the speakers weren't loud enough so all we saw were the images - thank god for replays and news highlights. So after the procession finished we decided to make our way as close to Buckingham Palace as we could... to try and take a glimpse at the planes flying over. We stood and squished for around 30 minutes at a road which led straight towards Buckingham Palace but was blocked, deciding that we might as well just watch the planes from there.

So how did I get that awesome shot below? At around 5-10 minutes before 1.30pm (the designated time for the planes), the police started move us slowly down the road. It was like, raging havoc and massive partying all at once. People were screaming and cheering (whilst frantically walking as fast as they could). So we got to the side fence of the palace just in time to see the whole royal family on the balcony and then zoom went the planes right above our heads. And somehow, that last 2, 3 minutes made the whole day of pointless walking and redirections seem alright. So yea, the pic below is my prized trophy from the crazy day. 

Maybe a better reward was that we went to China Town after that and I got to eat my first Cantonese duck & chicken in months. It was really good :D Up to my standards anyway. My cousin also got me bubble tea, which we literally lined up for a full hour for (their service was really slow but I guess everyone was in a good mood that day). That night we had Sichuan food so it really was a Chinese cuisine day. Spicy spicy :P With a French dinner in between (noms), yesterday we went to yum cha for lunch and damn, that place (named 'Yi Ban', near the city airport) is REALLY good - super duper authentic, it tastes just like the dim sum in Hong Kong. Best dim sum I've had in UK so far! My cousin's husband also suggested that they boil some chicken soup so my stomach's really filled with Chinese food these days :D how happy I am~ (storing up before I go back to catering starting Wednesday.. :/ meh)

The queen is looking my way! :D 
heechul & sungmin

Just 3 more days...

3 days till Barcelona, 10 days till Rome, 14 days till Venice, 16 days till Florence, 20 days till Pisa.
Easter, here I come! :D

Never felt so excited for the trip until I checked the weather forecasts and it seems like the rain will have stopped by the time I get to Barcelona. Yay! XD Highest temp is from 20-25°C!! SO UNBELIEVABLE, I can't wait!!!!
But before that, one essay to go, one seminar to prep, and one room to empty. Anyways, shopping day today! Woot :D

Pokemon x Fangirl = ...

Just watched the "Agent of Secret Stuff" short movie by Higa x WongFu.. sooooooooooo effing hilarious! :D :D lols the end was really D'AWWHH-worthy too and thumbs up to Arden Cho :D awesome acting. hahaha so hilarious XD.. 
So yea, anyways, I managed to pack up 90% of my stuff last night --I have to clear out my room for easter and I'm leaving early next week to Barcelona. My room feels so empty now.

I also finally managed to beat the gym at Hearthome City against Fantina and her ghost type pokemons D: I realised I could've won w/o training my weaker (but has dark/ghost moves) pokemons just yesterday. Lawl. I'm so lame :( But I'm glad I can move forward in the game now
Did I ever mention I've been naming some of the Pokemon I caught after idols just for fun (and cause a friend suggested it)? It amuses me everytime it says "What will Aiba do"?, or "Mir is fast asleep" hehe.. <3! :D
Mir Yoseob Aiba Nino Doojoon Sho

I still feel bad that Doojoon is a Bibarel... (so f-ugly, haha) but I have to blame Bidoof for having the "doo" in its name! :(

爷爷,我會好挂住你...♥ :(

Don't have anywhere else to express my feelings, one day I will look back and smile like Jaycee did at the end.





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Nintendo DS games.. ;_________;

playing pokemon platinum again TT-TT so addicting. i've just 'gotta catch em all' :(
i actually fell asleep with my DS on last night so it says i've played for 9 hrs when in fact 5 hrs was me sleeping. lols!

ps:- remix 6 of rhythm tengoku was so fun!! :D can't wait to play the new levels opened.. omgsss~~ i need to do work!

Back from Oslo with a new header!

The trip to Oslo was really great! Awesome scenery, snow, friends. Only bad thing was that I had an exam on the day I got back but everything turned out fine (hopefully even with the exam).

So the new header features Mir (Bang Cheolyang) of MBLAQ.. I still love Beast but I'm just so addicted to the JR Groove Remix Ver. of Y. Plus, Mir is so cute!! ♥ Keke. I still like BEAST songs more though (♥ to yoseobie, thus the userpic for this entry)

Photo from the port of Bygdoy (I loved it there! Really refreshing way to spend your morning)


[WP] Dooseob + Dongwoon

My first ever beast wallpaper: dooseob + dongwoon ♥!

I think I lost a bit of my touch with making wallpapers since it's been so long so it took me quite a while playing around with the colours and fonts before I was pleased with it (when I really should've been working... ;_______; ) But I really need yoseobie on my desktop before I go into depression period in March when every friggin thing is due :P

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